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Ditch Formalities and Have a Blast!

Hey Moms, Picture this: I was in New York City, with my two daughters, single moms, it’s winter time and the seasonal expectations were weighing heavy on my shoulder.  I was too busy working to support my girls that I was not on top of planning gifts, dinner, etc.  I’ll admit, it’s not a fun… Read More »

I Had To Do It! [ my favorite movies this time of year ]

Hey Moms, Welcome to winter!  Okay, maybe we have until December 22nd before the first official day of winter but if you are a mom in Chicago, today you met the inaugural snow fall of the season.  And it WAS slushy!!!  The snow fell constantly from 9am to 6pm – that’s over 8 hours straight!  Visibility was… Read More »

Take Down Some Chairs

Hey Moms, Happy TALK Tuesday! Here’s my question for you today: what chairs can you take down? Last week I posted on social media about the magic word “no.”  This word is magical because we, as women and moms, have such a tendency to say “yes” to everything.  Next thing you know we are hustling… Read More »

How to Survive a Flight Delay with Kids

Hey Moms, As if flying with children wasn’t enough, what is a (single) mom suppose to do when faced with a 2-hour flight delay…on the tarmac at that?!  Yes, that means we 1) pit-stopped at the ladies bathroom, 2) patiently waited for Group 3 to be called, 3) thanked the airline clerk who reassigned our… Read More »

Model the Way

   Hey Moms, We are leaders whether we like it or not. 🙋🏻 After 10 years of studying leadership, I can confidently say: whether the CEO of a business 🏫 or home 🏡, “modeling the way” is one of the best practices of good leadership.  Yesterday, I voted 🗳and took my girls with me. We… Read More »

Monday Night Live: Living After Loss

Hey Moms, Happy Soul Sunday! Some of you may be watching the Oscars tonight, hearing the story lines from movies about love, history and survival.   Well tomorrow night, a story line will unfold that you don’t want to miss.   My dear friend from Chicago, Fonda, was my best friend during high school. In… Read More »