Soar into the New Year with a Winning Personal Mantra (4 Simple Steps)

Hey Moms, Whether working at a job or at home, we spend an extreme amount of our lives “working.”  Specifically, employed Americans, spend 8.8 hours a day working (and other related activities) per the Bureau of Labor Statistics report of 2015. That’s ⅓ of everyday, the largest piece of our daily pie, spent on working.… Read More »

Creating New Family Traditions [ Finding Love in New Spaces ]

Hey Moms, The holidays, the holidays…so many feelings come up during the holiday season.  Some good, others not so good.  And, the feelings variate from year to year depending on people, circumstances, life events etc.  It’s safe to say the holiday season doesn’t always mean a stress-free love fest, right?  Something for your consideration: at any… Read More »

I Had To Do It! [ my favorite movies this time of year ]

Hey Moms, Welcome to winter!  Okay, maybe we have until December 22nd before the first official day of winter but if you are a mom in Chicago, today you met the inaugural snow fall of the season.  And it WAS slushy!!!  The snow fell constantly from 9am to 6pm – that’s over 8 hours straight!  Visibility was… Read More »

I LOVE My Hair – Building Hair Confidence In Girls

Hey Moms, I have straight brown hair – I have my entire life.  I remember going through many seasons of wanting curly hair…actually the seasons might have been years…but it certainly was common among not just me, but most girls, to wanted what they didn’t have. Different colored eyes.  Different color skin perhaps.  Different shaped… Read More »

I Just Called To Say ‘I Love You’ [call 3 people]

Hey Moms, Today…really TODAY…shift your energy.  Be a catalyst for change.  ✌️ This week was hard for many.  So, what do we do now? 😁 Well, there are many ways we can be more involved in our communities and politics.  There’s definitely more work to do there. ✊ Another way you can shift your feelings closer to… Read More »

Change is A Verb – Just Do It !

Hey Moms, So I was sitting in my girlfriend’s stunning house in Montclair, NJ, sharing with her about my mini life-crisis.  It was the first time we were experiencing her new pool with accompanying pool house and the weather was perfect – hot enough for a dip with just enough clouds in the sky.  My… Read More »

WOW – The Motivated Moms Tour ! [ Recap ]

Hey Moms, A couple of weeks ago, I got the opportunity to participate in The Motivated Moms Tour.  This was a first annual 4-city tour, started by my good friend LaToyia Dean-Dennis, with the focus on inspiring moms to be great women and extraordinary moms. First off, LaToyia is a great person to know and… Read More »