Model the Way

   Hey Moms, We are leaders whether we like it or not. 🙋🏻 After 10 years of studying leadership, I can confidently say: whether the CEO of a business 🏫 or home 🏡, “modeling the way” is one of the best practices of good leadership.  Yesterday, I voted đź—łand took my girls with me. We… Read More »

Newsflash: The Grass is Greener on YOUR Side; Break Up with Comparison Thinking

Hey Moms! Last month I facilitated a workshop on winning in life.  You know, the excitement we get at the beginning of a new year, we announce our new goals with enthusiasm and sass and believe we can do it.  Then by March, our formerly kicked habits revolt and want their spaces back.  At my… Read More »

Tonight on BLAB: How National Volunteerism Influenced Motherhood

Hey MOMS! We had SO much fun time tonight on Monday Night Live!! Who knew national volunteerism would prep us so well for motherhood! Thanks Katrina Pavlik, Crystal Williams and Rochaun Koren for joining our chat! And big ups to John Hayes III for holding it down for the fellas and asking us some great questions. We discussed how national… Read More »

The Power of Resurrection in Your Life

Hey Moms, Today many people celebrate Easter, also known as Resurrection Sunday to some, across the globe. As the story goes: on the third day, Jesus rose from the dead.  Even if you aren’t a believer, or you have another faith, there is a consistent power across religions, faiths and spiritualities…and that is the resurrecting… Read More »

This Week on BLAB: It’s Okay Not to Be a Perfect Mom

Hey Moms, Every Monday night I host Monday Night Live with Moms Winning.  Our weekly topics involve everything mom life related.  This is the first month of our live chats and they are going well. All you need is a twitter account and you can sign in and live chat with us.  What I love… Read More »

Slow Down to Live Up: Busy Does Not Equal Happy

Hey Moms, Learning how to slow down is critical to life as we know it. We are raised to believe that if we work more, more and more, we will gain more life.  In actuality, working hard is important for good ethics, but trying to fit 3 lives into 1 is exhausting – anyway you… Read More »

3.7.16 Live Chat Recap: Moving with Kids

Hey Moms, Last night I spoke with a great friend, Tiffany, about moving with kids.  She once moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon when her daughter was 10 and another time to Los Angeles, California three years later.  Her last move was back to Chicago.  In Portland she didn’t know anyone and in LA just… Read More »

Join Me For “Set Up To Win” A Moms Winning Workshop in March

Hey Moms, It’s March…new year enthusiasm has faded.  Now we must put in the WORK to achieve our goals for the year. The good news is that there are winning strategies to help us get it right. A lot of success has to do with attention and environment. During this workshop, we are going to… Read More »

In Case You Missed the Live Chat Last Night…

Hey Moms, We had a powerful live chat tonight discussing Living After Loss. My best friend from high school lost her husband 3 years ago to gun violence in Chicago. But how she has learned to live beyond the loss and use her faith to hold herself up the entire way is unbelievable and inspiring.… Read More »

Monday Night Live: Living After Loss

Hey Moms, Happy Soul Sunday! Some of you may be watching the Oscars tonight, hearing the story lines from movies about love, history and survival.   Well tomorrow night, a story line will unfold that you don’t want to miss.   My dear friend from Chicago, Fonda, was my best friend during high school. In… Read More »