How to Survive a Flight Delay with Kids

Hey Moms, As if flying with children wasn’t enough, what is a (single) mom suppose to do when faced with a 2-hour flight delay…on the tarmac at that?!  Yes, that means we 1) pit-stopped at the ladies bathroom, 2) patiently waited for Group 3 to be called, 3) thanked the airline clerk who reassigned our… Read More »

I Think I Found My(self) A Cheerleader [ Fight. Fight. Fight to Live Greatly ]

Hey Moms, Have you ever cheer-leaded before? You know, pom-poms with some choreographed stepping?  I used to be a cheer co-captain back in elementary school…what I wouldn’t give to see a picture of us back then. 😂 What I love about cheering is the contagious energy from cheerer to audience.  Cheerleaders can really get the crowd… Read More »

Run. Tell. That. [ Blessings All Around ]

Hey Moms, It’s been a week now since my return from Chicago and my energy is still on high.  There was lots of magic 💫 in Chicago…I’ll post on that later…that really helped me figure some things out. 😀 One of the fun things about my trip home to Chicago was witnessing all the “signs” from universe…showing me… Read More »

Go See Mo Willems Exhibit @ The NYHS! Top 5 Reasons Why

Hey Moms, If you live or are visiting the NYC area soon, you must check out the new Mo Willems exhibit at The New York Historical Society. It’s so sweet! If you don’t know who Mo Willems is…you’re not alone. I wasn’t schooled on this talented artist-author until last year by my 5-year-old daughter. But… Read More »

Join Me @ The Motivated Moms Tour in Chicago July 9!

Hey “Motivated” Moms, I’m thrilled to be joining the panel at the Motivated Moms Tour in Chicago next month July 9th 9a-1:30p. And I want you there! Click HERE and type “speaker” in the discount code to buy your tickets today for $25.  That’s a $50 dollar savings! Can someone say D E A L !!!??? This conference… Read More »

On BLAB Live Chat This Week… M O M S and M O N E Y !

Hey Moms, Monday night’s BLAB was GGGRRREEEAAATTTT! Moms & Money is definitely a topic we need to discuss on the regular. You can check out the replay HERE. Aj Mac of Principles of Increase and Aisha Taylor of FNPhenomenal really did an outstanding job of offering financial insight and winning strategies. I loved that we had 4 cities represented in one… Read More »

Give the Best Gift to Your Children with a Lost My Name Book

  Hey Moms, My youngest daughter turned 5 last month…did you hear me?  5 ! ! !  This is BIG news.  When my first daughter turned 5, I celebrated MY 5 years of “making it” as a new mom.  Now that my baby has become an official “big girl”, this is a real turning moment… Read More »

Some Days We Have to Fight to Win

Hey Moms, It’s been A DAY. I’m talking about BURN. THE. SAGE. Purify this house of negative energy and overwhelming emotions. I’m not sure if it’s just that my kids aren’t listening well today or whether it’s a combination of things: Maybe I overexerted myself yesterday trying to be super mom? Perhaps I haven’t had… Read More »

3 Ways We Are Just Like Trees

Hey Moms, One of the things I love most about spring is seeing everything come back to life.  But, if we think about that a little more, none of the plants actually die, do they?  No, the flowers and trees just change seasons.  From the outside, they lose their petals and leaves, but from within,… Read More »

Checkout Moms Winning on The Great Girlfriends Podcast!

Hey Moms, Last week was a fun week.  It was the first week back after spring break and the time away seemed to help with my mental health.  I was more calm and less anxious about the daily routines and responsibilities of life.  I was able to stay more present with my kids and enjoy… Read More »