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About Cynthia...


A Chicago native, Cynthia Alfaro is the youngest of two daughters born to a Polish immigrant woman and Mexican American man.  This culturally mixed heritage set the stage for Cynthia's passion for diversity and equity in all arenas she worked.  It was in education and athletics where Cynthia started studying leadership and life success factors which would later reap even more benefits as an adult.  Cynthia attended the well known Whitney Young Magnet High School and was once nationally ranked in competitive tennis.  


She earned a MS in Finance and Masters in HR from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.  In between undergrad and grad schools, she completed a national volunteerism assignment with Public Allies Chicago, an AmeriCorps program, where she managed programs for community entrepreneurship, parent enrichment and literacy.  


Cynthia began working for Pepsi Co in Human Resources in 2004 and later switched sectors and moved to specialize in training and development for the NYC Department of Education Alternative Programs in 2009.  Continuing her work in education, she took a school administrator position for a progressive dual language school in Manhattan and then moved back to Chicago where she supported the Chicago Public Schools in finance and business operations.  As a culmination of all her skills & talents, Cynthia recently finished a remarkable tenure as Chief Operating Officer at My Block My Hood My City where she elevated the cause of the social justice organization. She is currently a coach and consultant for people and organizations that want to thrive and elevate their cause. She specializes in strategic planning, leadership development, operational efficiency and culture for optimal performance. 


In 2013, Cynthia started a blog called Moms Winning.  She was in the midst of a hard life trial and decided to use her pain as a platform for others.  The idea is to focus on the "wins" of everyday life as a mother, whether big or small, and allow gratitude to push moms into a better way of living.  A firm believer in the power of the mind, Cynthia utilizes her training background and also provides community workshops tailored to moms on the topics of time management and goal setting.  


Dedicated to service, Cynthia enjoys life with her two daughters and loves to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise while helping others do the same.

Moms Winning Mission

The mission of Moms Winning is to help moms live a more confident, joyous, loving and prosperous lives through self-development opportunities and a communal support system.
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