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Dear Mama, 🥰You Are Appreciated

On this Mother’s Day, I want to let you know you are appreciated. More than that, I am tremendously grateful to you for your endless hours of love, care and nourishment in creating the little humans of our world.

In fact, I believe we are the world.

Yet, the world doesn’t see us enough. We are living in a world that once used to think of us as property and unfit to work or contribute in ways beyond our wombs.

Moms Winning is committed to taking up more space, in our lives, our work spaces and society. My dream is to make it easier for you and me, all moms, to feel more supported in this mothering journey.

And, remember Moms, you are winning.

As humans, we are naturally critical beings and motherhood turns it up. We wake up to to-do lists and go to sleep with heavy judgment on ourselves.

Let's commit to changing our mindset to a lens of more self-love, self-appreciation and gratitude. There’s magic in a reframed situation.

Turning our obstacles to opportunities and tests to testimonies is how we win.

And don’t you dare let someone else dictate how loved and appreciated you are today. I remember many Mothers’ Days with no plans but to watch my kids as always, feeling a little down about myself and my life. I had to learn to love my life, by myself, with just my babies and feel all the love. It’s within us. You celebrate yourself today. Love on yourself today. Don’t give away that power. Take it back. With time, it becomes easier. I promise.

Dear mamas, you are appreciated. (In my Tupac voice)

Let's Win ❤️👑



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