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3 Ways to Talk Finances with Your Kids

Updated: 6 days ago

Hey Moms,

Before this financial literacy month ends, let’s talk finances moms! It’s SO important. More critical than I realized growing up...and especially before kids. Can I get an AMEN?!

I thought being an adult was hard before kids….sheesh! Being an adult with kids, and (household) CFO, is like a pressure cooker at times. Ding! I’m ready!

But, as I normally do, to make sense in the chaos, I take big things and chop them up into tinier, more bite-size parts. Same with teaching my kids finances. Am I a pro? No! Am I an expert? No! But I am a lifelong learner. A mama committed to doing her thing with what she’s got. And that goes for everything pretty much, not just money.

But as I’m growing more, and learning more, I’m realizing it’s the simplest of things that we can do as parents, to set our kids up for success. Here’s what I do with my kids:

  1. Include them in the decision-making process

  2. Give them ways to make decisions themselves

  3. Keep the topic common and current

Okay, now your turn: What do you do with your kids to help support their finance literacy? Spoiler alert - my church is providing a free financial workshop this Saturday for the entire family. I’m going and I’ll either live stream or take notes and send to you. Promise!

Let’s Win,


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