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Rihanna Did It For Us!

Hey Moms. 👋🏼 I don't know about you but I was AMP'ed when Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl recently. 🤩 First of all, I'm a Rihanna fan. Always have been. It's her story, her style, her break-the-rules vibe for me. And, I really felt a commonality in my heart when Riri recovered from an abusive relationship and showed the world she is unstoppable. Then, of course, when she became a self-made billionaire, I was like "SALUTE." 🫡 Pssst - go buy some Fenty now. 😄

If you have ever seen her in interviews or read about her in articles, you know she is a woman for living on her own terms. Think for a second: what would your life look like if you lived it on YOUR TERMS? Could you? Perhaps there are ways you CAN? 🤔

Rihanna not only secured the largest stage but did it while pregnant. 👩🏽‍🍼 Sidestep into history for a second: Do we have to discuss the historical discrimination against pregnant women to feel the depth of this moment? Before the The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, folks could legit fire women for being pregnant. That's it. Doesn't matter if they could still work or do a great job. It was just the "less than" value placed on women.

So now, we not only see a mother employed but showing off her belly and telling the world, she will perform in sneakers, full wardrobe, and still nail it. That makes me want to shout! 🗣 #livingonherownterms

Simply put, Rihanna TOOK UP SPACE. The "more space" we all deserve and need in our lives. We need more space in our own lives, our work places, in our communities, etc. Gracias Rihanna. 🙏🏼

Now Shine Bright Like a Diamond Mama ❤️👑,




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